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Assistant Shelter Manager

Pet Allies, Inc.



Title:  Shelter Assistant Manager

Reports to:  Shelter Manager



To ensure the well-being of all animals cared for by Pet Allies (PA).   To serve as the liaison between animal caregivers and the Shelter Manager.  To maintain a commitment to the philosophies and policies of PA in the performance of his/her duties and respect the dignity and basic rights of each animal. To support the mission of PA.



Assist with establishing and maintaining policy and procedure for animal care housing, husbandry, exercise, socialization, and medication administration according to industry and PA standards for animals under the care of PA.

Assist with maintaining accurate paperwork including but not limited to medical records, adoptions, strays, surrenders, wildlife, and euthanasia including both manual and electronic record keeping.

Provide guidance and directive to animal care staff in the absence of the Shelter Manager.

Assist with surgery schedule including selection of animals and coordinating schedule with veterinarians, staff, and volunteers.

Assist with foster program coordination including but not limited to being a case worker, coordinating foster animals leaving/returning to PA, ensuring medical care is received as needed, scheduling vet appointments, and assisting with foster orientation.

Assist with maintaining the inventory and ordering of animal housing/husbandry and medical care supplies.

Work with behavior staff in the evaluation of health and behavior of animals and determine appropriate paths to disposition.

Assist with coordinating the transfer of animals to/from Rescue and Shelter Partners with consideration for individual animal needs, medical and behavior considerations, adoption trends, and kennel space.

Assist with processing adoption applications and the communication and follow-up for adoption matches, non-matches, and denials, in conjunction with the Customer Relations Manager.

Assist with providing pre-surrender counseling to insure customers’ understanding of alternatives to surrender.

Assist with providing feline behavior problem counseling to cat owners (both adopters and the general public.)

Participate in organizational committee initiatives.

Assist with providing support to the Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator in the supervision of animal care volunteers.

Assist with maintaining fire extinguishers and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Act as Animal Caregiver, Adoption Counselor, and Customer Relations Associate, as needed.

All other duties as assigned.




Technical degree conducive with supporting the responsibilities of this position or experience.

Minimum of two years’ experience in an animal related field, i.e. humane society, veterinary clinic.  If you have knowledge about animals equal to this experience, please explain.

Previous supervisory experience preferred.

Able to work with minimal supervision.

Experienced animal handling skills.

Proven customer service skills.

Computer literate and ability to operate office equipment.

Excellent oral, written, and organizational skills with attention to detail.

Able to work flexible hours, which will include evenings, weekends, and holidays on a rotating basis.

Able to lift and carry animals, equipment, and supplies in excess of 50 pounds.

Valid Driver’s License.

Passion for issues relating to animal welfare.



Physical demands include:

lifting and moving animals and cages.

administering dangerous and lethal drugs.

frequent movement, including but not limited to standing, walking, stooping, carrying heavy loads, movement of cages, restraining active animals, and operation of motor vehicle.

Working conditions include:

possible exposure to dangerous, diseased, frightened, and injured animals.

possible exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and drugs.

working with strong cleaning agents on wet surfaces.

indoor and outdoor work in all weather conditions.

Emotional demands include:

o   euthanasia.

o   animal abuse.

o   animal neglect.


Hourly work, average of 30 hours per week, wage based on experience.


Pet Allies is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Kennel Technician part-time

Hours:  7 a.m. to 11-noon, 3-5 days a week, depending on number of animals at the shelter, opportunity for longer hours will occur as operations increase.

Salary:  Starting Salary $12.00 per hour plus benefits

Primary Purpose of the job:  This position is responsible for providing quality care of the dogs and puppies housed in the kennels as well as the cleaning and maintenance of the kennels, dog exercise yards, and kennel complex, and occasionally cat room areas.

Essential Duties:


. Clean and disinfect kennels, exercise yards, training areas, grounds, and other kennel facilities using approved cleaning tools and methods.

. Report maintenance problems or repairs to the supervisor.


. Provide quality care, humane housing, and a safe environment to kenneled dogs, kenneled puppies and campus felines, including but not limited to:

. Proper preparation and distribution of food, including special diets.

. Monitor and record weights, dietary needs, and diet transitions.

. Identify signs indicating a change of diet may be required.

. Administer oral, topical, and injectable medications under direction of the veterinarian or supervisor on occasion.  This is not a primary duty.

. Assess and report any medical or behavioral changes to the supervisor and/or appropriate departments.

. Report an animal in distress.

.  Assist in emergency first aid, wound treatment, blood draws, fecal collection, tests, and health exams on occasion.  This is not a primary duty.

. Groom dogs, including bathing, trimming, and nail clipping.

. Exercise and socialize dogs and puppies.

. Provide behavioral correction.

. Transport and shuttle dogs using crates or approved methods on occasion.  This is not a primary duty.

. Provide care to campus cats, including feeding, medicating, and cleaning cat-related areas.



. Monitor, inventory, and replenish kennel supplies as needed. 

. Report needed supplies to supervisor.


. Work with volunteers and assist with special events.

. Organize and maintain detailed records.

. Complete necessary paperwork and meet deadlines.

. Effectively and efficiently use a computer, including familiarity with software packages (Word, Excel, Outlook, Databases, etc.).

. Be accountable not only for direct responsibilities outlined in this job description but also to serve fellow staff and other constituents with whom position interacts.  Ensure actions and communications are honest and transparent.

. Other duties as assigned by supervisor or department.

Required Abilities

. Perform several tasks concurrently, good time management, and good organizational skills.

. Excellent interpersonal skills, including quality customer service and teamwork.

. Great oral, verbal, and written communication skills.

. Maintain confidential information.

. Ability to use computers, word processing, spreadsheets, email and database applications.

. Ability to assess medical and behavioral changes in dogs both visually and audibly.

. Ability to lift 50 pounds, and to restrain active dogs weighing up to 110 pounds.

. Ability to work, stand, or walk on cement for extended periods of time.

. Ability to follow procedures governing safe work practices.

. Ability to work flexible schedules including different day, evening, and weekend shifts.

. Ability to work with people with a wide array of disabilities.

Required Experience:  Familiarity with dog handling, training, behavior, and heal preferred

Required Licenses:  Valid driver’s license and at least 3 years driving history

Required Education:  High School graduate or GED.

Working Conditions:  Subject to hazards than can be caused by working with animals and chemicals.  Activities include regular and/or repeated walking, standing, grasping, bending, stooping, and kneeling with exposure to cleaning chemicals and high temperature steam cleaning.

This job description does not list all the duties of the job.  You may be asked by supervisors or manager to perform other instructions and duties.  You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the tasks listed in this job description.

Management has the right to revise this job description at any time.  The job description is not a contract for employment and either you or the employer may terminate employment at any time, for any reason. 

Adoption Ambassadors Coordinator - Volunteer Position

Summary of Duties

To find, train and support Adoption Ambassadors for the duration of their foster experience in order to get more shelter animals adopted; and to act as liaison between Adoption Ambassadors and staff

Primary Responsibilities

1. Recruit Adoption Ambassadors

  • Tap existing foster parents
  • Advertise for Adoption Ambassadors online and via outreach in the community

2. Train and Equip Ambassadors

  • Provide one-on-one and/or group training
  • Distribute and collect Adoption Ambassadors agreements/contracts
  • Assign a foster animal or assist Ambassadors in choosing one
  • Provide resources to Ambassadors (leash/collar, food, bowls, bed, Adopt Me vest, business cards, etc.)

3. Communicate with Ambassadors on a regular basis and as needed (including outside business hours)

  • Initiate weekly phone call or email to Ambassadors to check in on each animal; make sure they know
  • Coordinator is the shelter’s point of contact and they should not be contacting anyone else on staff about their animal
  • Make sure Ambassadors know to contact Coordinator immediately for an emergency (bite, lost animal and any health or behavior concerns)

4. Communicate with shelter staff

  • Share information about the Adoption Ambassadors program with staff
  • Invite staff to participate in the program
  • Keep shelter staff apprised of the status of animals in the program
  • Adoption Ambassadors
  • Coordinator Job Description
  • Pet Allies
  • Adoption Ambassador Job Description

5. Help Ambassadors optimize adoption possibilities

  • Make sure Ambassadors have a good photo/bio of their animals and assist them if necessary
  • Share good marketing/social media tips with Ambassadors
  • Post all animals in the program on agency website and social media channels
  • Frequently notify Ambassadors about upcoming adoption events where they can bring animals
  • Provide Ambassadors with additional information to help them succeed: tips on potty training, crate training, loose-leash walking, litter box use, etc.
  • If Ambassadors go on vacation or are no longer able to care for their animal, assist them in finding an alternative Ambassador or other care

6. Maintain database of all animals in the program

  • Include details about the animal (age, gender, breed and medical info)(can be done in Pet Point on line software)
  • Include contact information for Ambassadors

7. Assist with adoption paperwork and follow-up

  • Answer any questions Ambassadors have about completing adoption paperwork
  • Make sure adopted animals are entered into the agency’s computer system
  • Make sure Ambassadors return all supplies to the agency if they are not taking another animal
  • Celebrate every adoption! Send a thank-you note or email to Ambassadors for helping save a life and shout out the success on social media, with staff and volunteers, etc.

Veterinarian Recovery Room Assistant - Volunteer Position

Observation and documentation is an essential role of the Recovery Room Assistant

  • Dependable
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Monitor the patient while still under the effects of anesthesia
  • Clips the nails and cleans the ears while patient is still under anesthesia
  • Checks for fleas and tics
  • Follows procedures for a safe recovery of the patient
  • Follows procedures for the safety of the technician while dealing with feral feline
  • Takes direction from the veterinarian or veterinarian assistant
  • Documents times of recovery such as focusing the eyes, moving the head and body
  • Removes any instruments from the mouth when recovery is observed
  • Assures the patient is breathing properly
  • Communicates with the front desk technician
  • Lifting is helpful but not required
  • Sitting on the floor is helpful but not required
  • Launders the towels used for patient bedding
  • After surgery cleaning of floors, mats, laundry, restroom, etc

Packs Technician - Volunteer Position

Sterilization and contamination prevention is essential for a Packs Technician

  • Dependable
  • Follows procedures for sterilizing the surgical instruments
  • Cleans the work area
  • Assembles the sterilized surgical tools into packs in preparation for the next surgery
  • Launders linen used for patient bedding
  •  After surgery cleaning of floors, mats, laundry, etc.
  •  Helps with recovery patients 

Discharge Technician

Communication is essential for the Discharge Technician

  • Dependable
  • Checks incision and condition of patient
  • Follows discharge procedures
  • Observes whether the patient is ready to go home
  • Communicates thorough detailed instructions for home care of the patient
  • Communicates thorough instructions for medication administering 

More Volunteer Opportunities

Spay/Neuter Clinic 

Computer entry, forms design

  • Cage/kennel cleaning
  • Cleaning/maintenance/laundry
  • Supply inventory
  • Provide lunch for clinic volunteers
  • Post clinic cleanup 
  • Clinic client/pet morning intake
  • Preparation for clinics stocking supplies
  • Surgery pack cleaning/prep/sterilization
  • Pet discharge/release post surgery
  • Pet Recovery post surgery
  • Serve lunch for clinic volunteers

Hands-on work with foster animals

  • Socializing animals in the store: (grooming/playing with cats)
  • Adoption counselor at offsite adoption events or at the store
  • Bottle feeding orphaned kittens or puppies
  • Feeding feral cats
  • Trapping feral cats for neutering
  • Foster home for: cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, other small pets 

Phone work, paperwork, computer work, and other volunteer opportunities

  • E-mail and phone volunteers to assist People with information about animal Behavior and to follow up on adoptions (training provided)  
  • Pick up donations for thrift store
  • Creating adoption flyers for animals
  • Tabling and/or event day volunteer
  • Writing thank you notes, filing
  • Animal food donation coordinator
  • Advocates for feral cats, to solve problems
  • Publicity; outreach to local media  
  • Fundraising
  • Special Events Coordinator; organize outreach events or meetings
  • Team Leader; assist with managing volunteer programs
  • Data entry
  • Barkin' Basement Thrift Store
  • Distribution; putting up posters/flyers to promote adoption and special events
  • Manager for programs or special projects
  • Sewing, knitting or crocheting cat beds
  • Carpentry

Professional Services

  • Lawyer; provide pro bono legal advice
  • Veterinarian or veterinary technician
  • Photographer, to promote adoptions
  • Web design and maintenance
  • Desktop publishing, graphic design 
  • Writer, editor
  • Computer technician
  • Public relations, marketing
  • Groomer
  • Trainer