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Happy Tails

Marisa Plays with Cactus

Marisa came to Pet Allies as a stray, found on the 4th of July, terribly wounded.  Neck, leg, eye, all seriously damaged.  Dr. Steven Andersen came in on his day off to Pet Allies clinic and did provide surgery for Marisa.  She recovered remarkably well, and is seen here playing with puppy Cactus.  Cactus is also a survivor, he was found at 6 weeks of age, along side the highway, with mange, emaciated and full of parasites.  He is now healthy, and as you can see, very playful.  Two survivors, enjoying life.  Your donations to Pet Allies make saving lives possible.  Thank you.

O.D. in Costume! meet Rudy from Pet Allies

Jill Tinkel hosts Pet Allies Adoption Minute - Sammy

Dakota and Marta, Two Seniors, Adopted Together

Marta and Dakota came to Pet Allies after their owner died.  Family members did not feel able to care for two senior large breed dogs.  Everyone wanted them to be adopted together, but adopting a senior dog alone is a challenge, and together, would make it more difficult.  But thanks to many many shares on Facebook, these two seniors found their retirement home together.  Here's a update from their family:

The girls are doing wonderfully, they have settled in very nicely with our pack and I have kept their names Marta & Dakota.  They are enjoying our space (all 6 1/4 acreage). Can tell they were "City" dogs all their previous years, funny to watch first time reactions at chickens ( 3 coops) and barking at horses hahaha.  They love the freedom of the doggie door (big enough for small pony to go through) :-). In the attached picture the only one missing is our smallest guy "Two Socks" a Wired hair Griffin Terrier, the other male is the collie/cat a hula mix "Heber" aka my Mr. Lovy Dovy Snuggle of pack is females. 4 girls now to the 2 boys.  Please share picture and up date with everyone... They are a added joy to our family and so happy to have them.

Much love from our pack to yours,

Monica & Terry Thomas


Jill and OD meet Havasu the puppy

Jill Tinkel and OD Meet Puppy 'Saguaro'

Chance (formerly Crusoe) moved to Michigan

Chance has put on 7 lb since being with me weighs 23 lb now he plays in the snow and here's some pictures  (This puppy was adopted from Pet Allies by a family who knew he had medical issues, but he is now very healthy!)  

Nylabone sends Free Toys to the shelter

Many thanks to Nylabone for their generous donations of toys to the shelter dogs and cats.  They really make a difference.  If you would like to donate a toy to a bored shelter pet, these items can be purchased locally or on Amazon

  • Life got a lot better at the shelter with these toys.

  • Nylabone dog 2

    Wow, this is fun!

  • nylabone dog 3

    Even dogs with strong jaws like me can chew for a LONG time.