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Photo Gallery

Photos often speak louder than words.

Browse our photo gallery to watch our volunteers and constituents in action.

Timberline Cats

Cat121, caught September 8, Two year old male

Cat 59, caught August 21, 3 year old male

Cat22:  7 year old black female Domestic Short Hair (caught 8/21/2021) who will receive dental.

Audrey fka cat85: 2-1/2 year old black Female w/kittens) caught 8/21/2021

cat13: 10 year old gray/white neutered male Domestic Long Hair  (caught 8/21/2021) who will receive dental.

cat30:  10 year old black w/white neutered male caught 8/21/2021.

Cat8 caught August 21, 2021.

Cat33 caught August 21, 2021.

Cat47 caught August 21, 2021.

Cat63 caught August 21, 2021.

Nala fka cat116 came in from Timberline group ready to deliver her 3 kittens.