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Timberline Cat Update

117 cats were received from one trailer home in Timberline park.  The cats are receiving medical care, comfortable beds, food, water and litter boxes.  They are being treated for various illnesses and are doing well.  These cats are listed by number to help people know to check them for their missing pets.

Some cats are located at our shelter (12 as of 9/6/21) and can be seen at 1321 N 16th Street, Show Low, 11-5 Monday-Saturday.  11-3 Sunday.  As these cats are adopted we will move more cats into the shelter for adoption.  

Some cats are in foster care and their photos will be put on facebook for people to view as soon as we can make arrangements.  




Save a Life - Donate Today!

Pet Allies operates a no-kill animal shelter.  It is located at 1321 N 16th Street, Show Low, 928-537-8009, and is open Sunday 1-3 and is open Monday to Saturday 11-5.  The shelter holds 40 animals when completely full.  Often there are more animals than that, so Pet Allies has foster homes that help by working with pets too young to be adopted, pets suffering from diseases, pets recovering from surgery, pets that are stressed in the shelter environment, and pets that there are no room for at the shelter.  These pets will be listed on our website but may not be at the shelter.  Arrangements can be made to see pets in foster care through the shelter.

How Can Pets Aid in Addiction Recovery?

Pet Allies was contacted by Ruben Lopez, Awareness Advocate of The Recovery Village, with a request to help spread the word about the mental health benefits of pet adoption.  

If you are interested in this topic, which is informative and well written, please visit their website.