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Volunteers are integral to our organization.  You make a difference.  You save lives.

We need your help.  Below are several of the most common positions open, but there are others.  Let us know if you have questions.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Marsi Van Scoter by e-mail at or you can text her at 805-428-7682.  If you are interested in volunteering at the clinic, please contact the clinic at 928-421-0787.

  • Always wanted to work hands on at a veterinary clinic? We make it easy to learn how to take care of each pet after surgery.

    Pet Allies is seeking warm-hearted and attentive personnel to assist in recovering pets after spay & neuter surgery. If you would like to spend time sitting with pets on our padded recovery mats, watching over and stimulating them as they wake, please contact us at 928-421-0787, or stop by the Clinic (located within the new shelter) at 1321 N. 16th St., Show Low. Volunteers are needed for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.


  • Walk dogs at the shelter. Get some exercise and help those dogs get out of that kennel. They need a break! The shelter is located at 1321 N. 16th Street, Show Low

  • We see a lot of kittens come in that are not really all that friendly. Someone petting them every day, brushing them, getting them used to human touch, can mean a better life.


  • Foster for a week, a month, or until your foster pet is adopted. All your needs are provided at no charge. There is always support from staff & the clinic for medical care. It is very rewarding and fun. We are always in need of foster homes for kittens, puppies, dogs & cats.

  • Cat Care Volunteer
    Cat Care Volunteer

    1) Arrive at work at 8:30 a.m.
    2) Change litter boxes (no scooping, we replace fresh litter and box daily)
    3) Give clean fresh water and food
    4) Check bedding to make sure it is comfy and clean, replace as needed
    5) Make sure each cat has a box to hide in and that is is in good condition, replace as necessary
    6) Make sure each cat has toys to play with, replace as necessary
    7) Sweep the floor
    8) Mop the floor

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