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Dog Walkers

Dog Walkers

Dog Walker Volunteer Job Description

Please pay attention to surroundings and DOT system. The Pet Allies shelter houses dogs which are allowed to go on walks and those who cannot go on walks. There is a poster up on the wall explaining the dot system, which is quick and easy to learn.

 Pays attention to surroundings while walking dogs. We do not have a designated safe area to work dogs, so you are walking in an industrial area. Safety first.

 Pays attention to the colored DOT system on dog cage cards. Red dot dogs cannot yet be walked. Soon they will become a green dot and able to get some outside time.

 Makes sure to let employee know if a dog is acting strangely. Please - your information is so important!  You might be the first person to know if a dog is not feeling well or may have injured itself in the kennel. Your observations mean a lot.

 Keeps dogs off the grass by the shelter. This area belongs to Public Works and they don’t like dog poop on their grass. It’s OK; we have plenty of other areas to walk. Who can blame them?

 Do not walk a dog that you have discovered to be too strong. If you are a 90-pound person, maybe walking a 120 dog isn’t a good idea. We don’t want you to get pulled over by the dog, and we don’t want the dog to get loose. We care about both your safety and the safety of the dog. Try a smaller dog.

 Takes fecal bags (poop bags) to pick up after dogs. There is a stand and trash dispenser at the end of the chain link fence. If the stock of bags needs replenishing (empty), please let a staff person know.

 Use only the leash provided for that dog. Do not use the same leash for other dogs. If a leash is not on the dog’s kennel, ask an employee to provide one for that dog. This helps get a strong leash for a strong dog and prevents any cross contamination from dogs which might be contagious.