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Dog Adoption Contract
ADOPTION TERMS: Please read the following information carefully

1.   The Pet Allies, Inc. Adoption Contract (“Contract”) language applies to all animals adopted from Pet Allies, Inc., regardless of the residential location of the potential adopters. Due to various Arizona tribal laws that prevent the authorizing of a home visit and/or enforcement of the Contract, Pet Allies, Inc. reserves the right to have all adoption applications, including any applications reflecting a residence located on a Reservation, reviewed by the sitting Pet Allies, Inc. Foster Chair and/or Director prior to any applicable adoption finalization by Pet Allies, Inc. This language is drafted with the intent by Pet Allies, Inc. to adopt its animals only to homes that are safe, fit, and in compliance with Pet Allies, Inc.’s adoption standards and policies. Additionally, Pet Allies, Inc. reserves the right to facilitate a home visit during the application process, as well as following the finalization of any application, for any application received.  In the event that the application reflects a residence located on a Reservation, the potential/finalized adopter consents to allowing a member of Pet Allies, Inc. into said adopter’s residence and ensuring legal access to said resi- dence, including any residences located on a Reservation, including for purposes of enforcement of the Contract, including repossession of the animal consistent with the Contract provisions. Pet Allies, Inc. reserves the right to decline any application for adoption at its discretion, particularly if the applicant’s residence is unfit for an animal and/or is not consistent with Pet Allies, Inc.’s adoption standards and policies, which are in place to protect and serve the best interests of its animals.

2.   I agree that, by adopting this animal, this animal will reside with me in my own place of residence. In the event that I choose to no longer keep the animal, or can no longer provide care for the animal, I agree to relinquish the animal to Pet Allies, and only to Pet Allies. I agree to not rehome, sell, trade, or dispose of the animal in any way myself.

3.   Pet Allies reserves the unlimited right to inquire from the adopters about the animal at any time after adoption. Pet Allies further reserves the right to reclaim any animal at any time for any reason(s) deemed appropriate by the Pet Allies Board of Directors, including, but not limited to, breach of this contract, mistreatment of the animal, or fraudulent misrepresentation by the adopters.

4.   I hereby fully and completely release PET ALLIES and the CITY OF SHOW LOW and their officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any claim, cause of action or liability for any injury or damage which may be caused by the animal and for any illness my other animals may develop, even if those illnesses are procured from the animal adopted from PET ALLIES. I agree to fully and completely indemnify, defend and hold harmless PET ALLIES and the CITY OF SHOW LOW and their officers, employees, agents and volunteers from and against all claims, causes of action and liabilities, including but not limited to those asserted by third parties for any injury or damage caused by the animal.

5.   PET ALLIES believes the animal you are adopting is in good health (unless otherwise noted below). Should any medical problem arise, contact PET ALLIES at 928-537-8009 or 928-532-1602.

6.   All the information I have provided on this application is, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete.  I understand that falsifying answers on this application, or any other time during the adoption process, disqualifies me from adoption.

7.   I agree to provide Pet Allies with any new address and/or telephone number which has changed since signing this contract.

8.   If the adopted animal is returned within 14 days of the adoption date, a voucher can be issued to be used toward adoption of another animal from Pet Allies. The voucher has no monetary value and cannot be cashed in at any time.  The voucher is good for one year and can be used by the adopter only, and must be used in full at one time. If another animal is adopted, and the fee is less than the amount of the voucher, the difference is not refundable and will be considered a tax-deductible donation.


I, the adopter, have read all of the conditions set forth in this adoption contract and agree to abide by them.