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#GivingTuesday 2021

#GivingTuesday donations save lives. 

With your generous gift, you can directly save lives.  We rescued 123 cats from a hoarded situation in August of this year, many of whom needed immediate medical care, as can be imagined.  Our team went to work taking care of these cats, & each cat was assigned a number for identification.  They were housed at the old Pet Allies thrift store location, "Barkin' Basement" where thankfully there was plenty of room available.  Many still need dental care, as well as spay & neuter surgery.  A bright spot was that Cat #66 (now "Tibble") and Cat #31 (now "Zeus") were able to participate at a Show Low TV filming session in September.  For previously hoarded cats, they were very sweet & well-behaved, (even with a dog present) considering that they had been in a terrible & unfortunate situation.  One of our generous donors walked through the facility where they were located & said: "I have walked through & looked at these cats.  They are beautiful & several ran to the edge of their cage & reached out for some love! If you are looking for a cat, please go check them out."  In addition, one of the volunteers who helped take care of the cats was cleaning the cages daily & one particular cat above would want to play with her hair.  She finally gave in & decided to foster him.  He turned out to be a real "love bug," was named "Oliver" & was adopted shortly thereafter.  Your gift helps the many, many animals like these cats survive, thrive and have a shot at happiness.

Together we are: Altering Lives. Thank you.

The average cost to care for an animal at the shelter is $7.32 per day. 
Over 1200 animals enter the shelter each year.  Average number of days spent at the shelter, 23.  

  • $7.32 will pay for one day of care.
  • $51.24 will pay for one week of care.
  • $204.96 will pay for one month of care.  
  • $2459.52 will pay for one month of care for 12 animals.

If you would like more information, please contact RJ Owens, Director, at 928-243-0695 or

Thank you!

So Many Hoarded & Rescued Cats

Lyric when she first arrived

Tina and Zeus

Your donations made it possible to save these cats & provide much-needed veterinary services for them. 

Zeus who is now adopted was visiting Show Low TV.  Thanks for your help Tina.

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