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Pet Food Assistance Coordinator

Pet Food Assistance Coordinator

Volunteer Pet Food Assistance Coordinator

This is a part-time volunteer position. At a minimum it will require 2 hours a week of your time. However, you can make this into a position that has a much greater impact in our community and will really make a difference for hungry pets and needy families.
. Keep track of current food donations
. Thank donors personally
. Let donor management staff know of donations so that a formal thank you can be sent
. Market the need for donations on Facebook, Website, posters
. Work with human foodbanks and food pantries
. Track who received pet food donations and encourage them to get their pets altered (fewer mouths to feed)
. Network to find a place to ‘be’ the pet food pantry and/or a donation of a container to use at the shelter
. Whatever you can think of to help more pets and their families
  (Classes on how to make your own pet food from human food that might be received at a food bank)
. Give out whatever else might be available: pet beds, leashes, collars, cat litter, etc.
. Recruit volunteer to help you with this project

This position would be a lot of fun shared by a family or group of friends or co-workers. Think about it!