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Pet Allies Annual Fundraising Event July 4, 2020

Silent Auction Items -- many more

These items will give you an idea of the many really great items we have to bid on at the silent auction.  Or if you just can't wait, there are several with Buy It Now prices.  There is no bidding on Buy It Now, just contact RJ Owens at 928-243-0695 or and let her know you are ready to Buy It Now.  Additional photos of items are available by request.

There are dozens if not hundreds more items available for the auction which cannot all be listed here.  The auction will take place outside in a carport like area on Saturday, July 4th from noon to 1:30.  It is the shell of the new shelter.  

Want a preview of the items up for bid before everyone else? Pre-register NOW and you can bid on the items between 11AM and Noon when the event officially begins.

Please direct any questions or concerns to RJ at the address above and welcome!

Adopt a duck raffle tickets are still available at this time but going fast.  Hurry, for your chance to win $2500, $1000, or $500.



  • Dog and paws sculpture

    Dog and paws sculptureA beautiful sculpture of dog and paws by local artist Karen Lewis, winner of many awards for her art. Buy It Now Price $300

  • Nascar Leather Jacket
    Nascar Leather Jacket

    There will be leather Nascar Jackets! The one pictured here is size XL men's. Buy It Now $200

  • E C Sullivan Original Water Color
    E C Sullivan Original Water Color

    This is very striking watercolor by E C Sullivan. Signed and dated 2003 Cave Walls II. Buy It Now $2000

  • Uno de 50 necklace
    Uno de 50 necklace

    Silver and pearl Uno de 50 necklace, matinee length, in its original case, black with red lining and a drawer to pull out to view the necklace. Rare piece. Matching earrings available also. Buy it Now $200.

  • Uno de 50 pearl and silver earrings
    Uno de 50 pearl and silver earrings

    These Uno de 50 pearl and silver earrings match the necklace but do not have to be worn together. Buy It Now price $50.

  • Dusty Ann Marie Osmond Doll
    Dusty Ann Marie Osmond Doll

    This is a new in box Dusty Ann Marie Osmond Doll, still in original wrapping. The picture is from a collector's book, not from the doll itself. In perfect condition. Buy It Now Price $200.

  • Pretty in Perwinkle Marie Osmond Doll
    Pretty in Perwinkle Marie Osmond Doll

    This doll is new in the box, has never been out of the box. The photo is taken from a collector's catalog. Buy It Now price $200.

  • Guster 10 foot Lime Kayak
    Guster 10 foot Lime Kayak

    This Kayak was donated by Sportsmens Warehouse. It is brand new. Buy It Now $400.

  • Vintage Silver Hand Mirror
    Vintage Silver Hand Mirror

    This mirror is vintage sterling and has beautiful detailing. It will require some restoration. Buy It Now $60

  • Rocker Recliner new from Joy's Funitire
    Rocker Recliner new from Joy's Funitire

    This is a comfy rocker recliner, new, donated by Joy's Furniture. Buy It Now $900.

  • Tongan Bedspread Crocheted
    Tongan Bedspread Crocheted

    This is a very special item which is given during the traditional wedding ceremonies of the Tongan people. We have a lot of detail about the process to make the bedspread, the whys and hows, if you would like more detail.

  • Contemporary Tlingit drum
    Contemporary Tlingit drum

    This drum and work of art is a must see! Buy It Now $400.

  • Contemporary Hopi Mask
    Contemporary Hopi Mask

    This is a beautiful piece of art. Buy It Now $450

  • NASCAR M&Ms Jacket XXL
    NASCAR M&Ms Jacket XXL

    This jacket makes me hungry! More pictures available if you are interested. Beautiful new condition. Size XXL. Buy It Now $300

  • Vintage NASCAR Joker Cap
    Vintage NASCAR Joker Cap

    This cap is 1998 Kenny Irwin #28 NASCAR Joker cap, tag still attached. Buy It Now $25

  • Venice Yellow Sunset
    Venice Yellow Sunset

    A. Krasnyansky's frames serigraph, "Venice Yellow Sunset". 35 x 39 Buy It Now $400

  • Contemporary Sioux War Shields
    Contemporary Sioux War Shields

    Buy It Now $450 each

  • Vintage Railroad Clock
    Vintage Railroad Clock

    This clock was donated by a collector of railroad memorabilia and is reported to have been in a railway station, unknown which one, but the collector lived in the Seattle area. The clock has been updated to run on a double AA battery. Buy It Now $250. This is a huge clock meant to be seen throughout the railway station.

  • Clayton Pellet Burning Furnace
    Clayton Pellet Burning Furnace

    This unit is brand new. PLUS Ace Hardware Pinetop has donated 1 ton (2,000 pounds) of pellets with the stove. Buy It now $2,000.

  • King Size Hand Stitched Quilt
    King Size Hand Stitched Quilt

    This quilt was lovingly hand made and is a beautiful work of art. It is king size. More pictures available. Buy It Now $400.

  • Solid Wood Vintage Ladder
    Solid Wood Vintage Ladder

    This ladder is in excellent condition. It could be used as a ladder, it's 13 feet, but it is also a work of art! It is a Werner and more photos are available. Buy It Now $200.

  • Hand Painted Table
    Hand Painted Table

    This lovely table was hand-painted by a shelter volunteer.

  • Hand Painted Table
    Hand Painted Table

    This pretty and useful end table or nightstand is one of a kind painted by a shelter volunteer.

  • Morning Whispers
    Morning Whispers

    Bert Seabourn's "Morning Whispers", 37 x 29, But It Now $200

  • Hand Made and Painted Bench
    Hand Made and Painted Bench

    Hand made and painted by Lisa our Board Chair and her better half. Buy It Now $375.

  • Jim Daly Print
    Jim Daly Print

    $75 Buy It Now

  • Horse Print
    Horse Print

    This print is nicely framed, a good size, and has great color as well as beauty.


Adopt a duck raffle ticket for $5 and you could win $2500 Bucks.  Pet Allies' second annual fundraising event known as the White Mountain Rubber Duck Pluck.  5,000 rubber ducks will be placed in an artificial lake and your raffle ticket entitles you to one duck entry.  A highly trained dog will 'pluck' a rubber duck out for each prize level, first place $2500, second $1000, third $500.  Follow the link to the event website!