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Pet: Neighborhood Topic: Considerations for adopting just the right pet for your family - meet your match!

Pet: Runway Topic: Alyssa from the Pet Allies Show Low Shelter will tell you all about Runway.

Pet: Prada Topic: Tabbi volunteers at the Pet Allies Show Low Shelter and will tell you about why she volunteers and why Prada is a great dog.

Pet: Bubbles Topic: Learn more about Bubbles and O.D.'s New Year's Resolution to 'Spay The Mountain!'

Pet: Date Topic: Many kittens to choose from at the shelter, adopt today! Also, learn about the expansion of the spay/neuter program to now 'Spay The World!'

Pet: Saphire Topic: Many kittens to choose from at the shelter, adopt today! Also, learn about the expansion of the spay/neuter program to now 'Spay The World!'

Pet: Coal Topic: Meet Coal and learn about the challenges of pet pig ownership and 'exotic' veterinary issues when considering pet pigs.

Pet: Midget Topic: Learn more about Midget and the gift that keeps on giving...

Pet: Matthew Topic: Can you foster a homeless pet? Give the gift that lasts a lifetime...

Pet: Martha Topic: Meet Martha and learn about the affordable services available at the Pet Allies Spay/Neuter Clinic. Make your appointment today!

Pet: Maranda Topic: Pet Allies offeres the ultimate Christmas gift guide! Shop at the shelter, clinic and Barkin' Basement Thrift Store for all your holiday wishes.

Pet: Dakota Topic: Dakota's story - looking to be your one and only love.

Pet: Rocky Topic: Rocky the 'bad boy' min-pin story and benefits.

Pet: Rango Topic: Rango is the 'bad boy' with flair!

Pet: Billy Ray Topic: Billy Ray's story and his 'bad boy' reputation.

Pet: Pollyanna Topic: Katie is an awesome volunteer at the shelter and foster. She tells about her experience and how you can help too!

Pet: Charlie Topic: Pet Allies Shelter: What it means to be the only no-kill shelter in the White Mountains through Charlie's story.

Pet: Kenny Topic: Meet Kalynn from The Barkin' Basement Thrift Store as she talks about what's new at the thrift store.

Pet: Stacey Topic: Adopt an adult cat today, so many to choose from, so much value for so little money. Learn about the importance of cat vaccinations too!

Pet: Gigi Topic: Watch the video to learn about affordable spay or neuter services at the clinic!

Pet: Brenda Topic: Show Low Library special - Pay your fines with donation of pet food in the month of September 2016!

Pet: Harley Topic: Harley's story and Kennel Sponsor opportunities to help the pets at the shelter.

Pet: Maggie Topic: Maggie's Story: Helping pets with special medical needs.

Pet: Scott Topic: Senior pets make great additions to your family!

Pet: Puppies Topic: The shelter is FULL, there's no better time to adopt! Save a life, adopt today.

Pet: Puppies available at the shelter! Topic: This is the special story of how a litter of puppies came to the shelter.

Pet: Don't Litter: Spay/Neuter your pets today! Topic: Pet Allies celebrates 20 years of helping pets and reaching the 20,000 pet spay/neuter milestone

Pet: Penny Topic: The benefits of adopting senior pets.

Pet: Weeble Topic: Special Needs Dogs: Weeble's Story

Pet: Kitten Ilsa Topic: Meet Ilsa and learn how to help the pets through kitten fostering.

Pet: Kitten Season Is Here - 2016 Topic: Learn how Pet Allies helps cats and kittens in the White Mountain Community.

Pet: Clover Topic: The Barkin Basement Thrift Store supports Pet Allies.

Pet: JJ Topic: Shelter Manager, Explore how you can help homeless pets through the Adoption Ambassador Program.

Pet: Milo Topic: How Spay/Neuter positively impacts the lives of pets in the White Mountain Community.

Pet: Harry Topic: Will you donate to the Emergency Medical Fund?

Pet: Abilene Topic: Lookin' for love at the Pet Allies Show Low Shelter.

Pet: Justin Topic: Justin's story and how to donate to the Emergency Medical Fund.

Pet: Nacoma Topic: Find your ONE at the Barkin' Basement Thrift Store!

Pet: Norweigen Forest Cat Topic: Learn the importance of spay and neuter for cats and Spay it Forward by sponsoring a spay for only 20.00!

Pet: Tiger Topic: Tiger's story and alternative solutions for declawing cats.

Pet: Heidi Topic: Learn about Spa Day services at the clinic!

Pet: Ebert Topic: Learn about Pet Allies Emergency Medical Fund and how you can support this lifesaving program!

Pet: Piper Topic: Valerie explains the benefits of T.N.R. - Trap Neuter Release - for feral cats.

Pet: Shawn Topic: Katie explains the new Adoption Ambassador Program and talks about year end donation opportunities!

Pet: Piper Topic: Meet Katie as she talks about the wonderful fostering opportunites and the benefits of the Adoption Ambassador Program!

Pet: Piper Topic: Katie tells you about the opportunity to help pets in need of medical care through the Emergency Medical Fund.

Topic: Vonda with The Barkin Basement Thrift Store showcases the unique and special items available at the store. Hurry in before someone buys your bargain!

Pet: Ritz Topic: Valerie explains the pet enrichment program for the shelter pets, asks for donations of items. Watch to find out how you can help enrich the lives of the pets at the shelter!

Pet: Mozart Topic: Meet Katie as she talks about the wonderful fostering opportunites for shelter pets.

Pet: The Amazing Fargo! Topic: Have you ever wondered how you can help the homeless pets at the shelter? Katie and Fargo will show you how to get involved.

Topic: Meet Ken from The Barkin Basement Thrift Store. Ken will tell you all about the great winter specials going on now at the Barkin Basement.

Pet: Gwenith Topic: Hear Gwenith's story and all about the great holiday decorations and specials at The Barkin Basement Thrift Store.

Pet: Marcus Topic: Meet Krysti from the Pet Allies Show Low Shelter and let her tell you the story of Marcus and what a special dog he is. Adopt today!

Pet: Wiggles Topic: Valerie, Shelter Manager for Pet Allies Show Low Shelter, introduces you to Mr. Wiggles and the great nature of bully breed dogs. She also talks about crowded conditions at the shelter and the new Owner Surrender Procedues at the shelter.

Pet: Weeble Topic: Weeble's special story!

Introducing Valerie Hunt, Shelter Manager, for Pet Allies Show Low Shelter! Topic: September Specials - Penny for a Pitty and Pittys and Kittys!

Topic: Introducing Vonda from The Barkin Basement Thrift Store! Visit the Barkin Basement for holiday decorations and specials.

Topic: Discover the bargains and specials at the Barkin Basement Thrift Store with Vonda!

Pet: Ojo Topic: Shelter Manager, Valerie Hunt, talks about Ojo, shelter over crowding and cat specials of the month!

Pet: Ashly Topic: Ashly's story, how the shelter operats, money needed for operations - donate through website.

Pet: Salsa Topic: How the shelter deals with a full house, Feline Independence and Barn Cats.

Pet: Sister Topic: Sister's story and how to addopt or support the shelter through fostering!

Pet: Guacamole Topic: Spay and Neuter services available through Pet Allies, control pet overpopulation! Prevention is the key!

Pet: Sam[A] Topic: Make a difference for the pet overpopulation through spay and neuter!

Pet: Sam[B] Topic: Get out of Jail!

Pet: Dog Topic: Get out of Jail and operating as a no-kill shelter. Shop our Amazon Wish List for donations today!

Pet: Emily Topic: Emily's story and special needs pets for adoption.

Pet: Pratt Topic: Shelter Operations....How It All Works!

Pet: Eagle Topic: Puppies, puppies, puppies: Stop unwanted letters and Spay It Forward!

Pet: Cassie [4] Topic: Upcoming events: So much fun at Show Low Days!

Pet: Puppy Topic: Spay/Neuter Services - Deuce of Cats Program

Pet: Cricket Topic: Stop Pet Overpopulation - Spay or Neuter Your Pet Today!

Pet: Mango Topic: The importance of vaccinations

Pet: Sissy Topic: Treating Mange

Pet: Cassie[2] Topic: How Pet Allies can operate as a no-kill shelter.

Pet: Carhan_2 Topic: Deuce of Cats Spay/Neuter Program

Pet: Payton Topic: Value in the adoption fee.

Pet: Zeus Topic: New Pet Clothing Available At The Re-Opened Barkin Basement Thrift Store

Pet: Whip Topic: The Barkin Basement Thrift Store Finally Re-Opens!

Pet: Star Topic: The Benefits of Early Spay/Neuter

Pet: Kimmy Topic: Kimmy's Amazing Story

Pet: Cassie Topic: Benefits of Fostering

Pet: Diana Topic: Singing the priases of Diana for adoption and long term foster dogs.

Pet: Lilac Topic: Pets available at the shelter.

Pet: Charlie Topic: Challenges faced at shelters and Spay/Neuter Options.

Pet: Ruthy[1] Topic: Pets as Christmas gifts.

Pet: Ruthy[2] Topic: Part II Pets as Christmas gifts.

Pet: Rhodes Topic: Importance of fostering and foster opportunities.

Pet: Ruger Topic: Shelter days and hours, 2nd Saturday Adoption Event, special adoption offers.

Pet: Sylvia Topic: When to Spay/Neuter

Pet: Belagio Topic: What is included in the adoption process. Pet Allies Spay/Neuter Clinic services

Pet: Brailey Topic: Donate to help the pets for adoption. Barkin’ Basement Thrift Store

Pet: Carhan Topic: Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) Feral, free roaming and community cats

Pet: Twiddle Topic: The value in adopting from rescue

Pet: GeorgeAnn Topic: Spay/Neuter services available with Pet Allies Clinic

Pet: Hunter Topic: Spay/Neuter, Foster Opportunities, Microchip ID

Pet: Krissy Topic: 50th Adoption Minute Celebration - 1500 pets adopted!

Pet: Merino Topic: Fostering Opportunities

Pet: Mina Topic: Pit Bull Breed Dogs and the importance of Spay/Neuter

Pet: Missy Topic: Tractor Supply Fiesta Theme Adoption Event

Pet: Pooch Topic: Options avilable to help stray pets

Pet: Skye Topic: Show Low free roaming cats and Deuce of Cats program

Pet: Valentino Topic: Tractor Supply Fiesta Theme Adoption Event, Microchip ID, toenail trim, Spay/Neuter Clinic

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