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Lilly's story (now Jill): May 2007

Lilly was abandoned in a crate and found one morning with a note:

She was taken in to foster care, given veterinary care and lots of love and attention. She blossomed and became a nearly normal dog.

She was adopted by a couple from Las Vegas who drove over to Show Low to get Lilly.

Her name is now Jill.

The note left with Jill:

Hello my name is Lillian Rose, my owner called me Lilly. Unfortunately my owner just died of cancer and I have been unable to find a permanent home. I think I am approx.1 year old but my date of birth is unknown. I am current on my shots. I am however not fixed and just had my first heat cycle. I have just recently learned to sit and have been working on "stay" and not jumping on people.

I also just got my first kennel and need to be in it when I am not under direct supervision, as my biggest problem is I have SEVERE anxiety when left alone. I am a very gentle loving dog that needs people more than I need food or water. Left alone without being crated I will destroy furniture carpet and anything I can get a hold of. I will also cry howl and become
Extremely distraught to the point of hurting myself. I LOVE children and other pets. I want to be loved more than anything. I have been an inside dog and will only be ok in a yard if I have company with other dogs and PEOPLE. As long as I am not alone I am very well behaved and
VERY loyal, I do not bark, whine, or cry as long as I am NOT ALONE. I have also been learning to walk on a leash and love to play and exercise. I am house broken, however I need some consistency and patience since my owner died I have had some accidents and want so desperately to please people. I love treats and should be on a schedule for feeding as I will eat more than I need too if food is just left out for me, this could lead to obesity and poor health.

My owner paid more than $600.00 for me and I am a pure bred Beagle, I miss her and have been longing for a home since her death. I am special and loving, please find me a home that will love me for me and always promise to take care of me and never hurt me.

E-mails from Jill's new family:

We got home about an hour ago and we have been letting Lilly explore the home and yard. She is doing so well. We taught her to use one of the dog doors and she has left us in the backyard to go in and out numerous times. After exploring the whole yard, she came and lay between us on the porch rug just like she had lived here forever. She is lying on the dog bed in the family room right now again as if that were her dog bed forever. She ate dinner well and drank water. The trip home was great. She slept all the way except for one small walk. She hasn't barked yet. She kind of murmurs a cry once in a while, only on the car trip, but for a very short time. I think she has adapted wonderfully. Thank you again so much.

Hi Susan,
All is well with Lilly(now Jill). She has not had any health isues at all. She is a wonderful dog. She acts like she has lived here for her whole life. We go for walks most days and to the park. She does well with other dogs and people. We had 16 people here last Monday night and she was great. She is in and out the dog doors at least two dozen times a day loving the freedom. I took her to our vet for a wellness visit yesterday. He said she is in great shape and the surgery area looked good. He took out the stitches, drummeled her toenails, and gave her a bordatella shot. We got her some more adult Solid Gold food, some C .E.T.H E Xtra p remium chews which she loves to chew and hide. We still crate her when left alone, but hope to eventually give her more room gradually. I am sure she will get over the stress anxiety when left alone as time goes on. Thank you again.

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