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Koko and Nibi

Happy Tails - Koko and Nibi Adopted 2010

hello pet allies,

now that our pups just turned 1 year, i thought that you might like to know that we still have our adorable puppies how our lives have changed since rescuing nibi & koko

we did begin sort of rough with some horrific fighting. we got the pups through 2 rounds of 8 weeks each of training. first puppy, then intermediate @ petsmart here in ahwatukee. of course their personalities are very different. nibi is our daughter becky's dog. she is the hunter & very sneaky & koko is my husband & mine & she just is happy to get tummy rubs. we try to include both of them in daily walks & the dog park whenever we can. they each weigh about 65 lbs. in november before thanksgiving, koko had swallowed a rock that she was unable to pass into her large intestine. so, our very trusting vet, dr. john olson of family vet care, did surgery on her to remove it. he rearranged his schedule on a sat so that he could fit in the procedure. we were allowed to visit koko that night, even though she was still very out of it. they had her very cozy under a quilt in a large kennel. dr. olson called us the next morn (sun) to let us know that she was great & we could pick her up around noon. we are sure that nibi had the rock first, and the only reason that koko swallowed it was that she didn't want her sister to have it.

the dogs stay together during the day. usually downstairs & can go out as they wish with the doggie door. my husband is working from home now, so when he is on the computer, it has to be quiet. i work only 3 minutes from home & many times will come home for lunch just to give them a little break in their day. then at night, nibi sleeps with becky in her room & koko sleeps with mike & i in ou room. sometimes they also sleep together. i am enclosing a picture of our babies, who will always be babies to me. we had doggie cupcakes for their birthdays & they are both thriving & fit into our family very well.

thank you for giving us the opportunity to rescue these adorable animals,

they now are very much a part of the albers family & hopefully will be for a very long time.

sue albers & family

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