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Happy Tails - Fargo Adopted May, 2008

Fargo was taken into foster care by PetAllies in January, 2008 because....

Fargo was taken into foster care by Pet Allies in January, 2008 from a family who had multiple unaltered dogs and several litters of new puppies. Pet Allies spayed and neutered all of the dogs in the household, and rescued two of the litters, one of which included Fargo.

In May, 2008, Fargo went to his forever home in Prescott, Arizona at the age of about three months. At the time, Fargo's giant paws were larger than the rest of his body, with the exception of his enormous head, both of which remain gigantic! Upon arriving in Prescott, he quickly made the house "his" house, making sure each room displayed several personal Fargo items, such as blankets, toys, food and water bowls, and clothing and shoes he presumed to be his, which, indeed, became his. Because Fargo's parents aren't that good at disciplining Fargo, he helps himself to whatever he wants, particularly off the countertops. His favorites include freshly made pizza, bread, trail mix, and, most recently, an entire can of chocolate frosting, which left his snout brown for days.

Fargo became baby brother to Moses, his seven year old feline brother. The two are the best of buds, although sometimes Moses needs some "away time" from Fargo's watchful and protective eye. Fargo even goes so far as to warm up Moses' bed before bedtime, getting out only upon the demand by his mommy!

Although Fargo's DNA testing came back inconclusive, we suspect him to be part Siberian Husky, part German Shepard Dog, and pure naughty. Fargo is immediately friends with all he meets, whether human or animal. He loves to romp and play and, if his nose leads him on a scent, you're likely not to find him for an hour or two.

Fargo is a world class traveler, including not one, but two trips to the Grand Canyon. Born with no fear, and maintaining that attitude today, Fargo will run anywhere at any time, including right up to the rim of the Canyon, tugging on his leash with all his might, but never losing his incredible balance. Fargo loves car rides, long or short, and is constantly alternating between the rolled down windows through which to stick his head and enjoy the fresh air. Fargo's always up for some free ice cream from McDonalds, which has become routine for him, as well as the audience of employees who stand at the drive through window to watch him lap it up. While he enjoys Prescott, his favorite place remains to be Lakeside, where he frequently vacations.

In January, 2009, when Fargo was about a year old, his ornery nose lead him to a feisty spider in the backyard, and, most likely upon Fargo's incessant snooping, resulted in two acute bites to Fargo's snout. Fargo's mommy and daddy rushed him to the local vet, who declared the issue to be one of allergies. Several days later, when Fargo's facial fur and tissue were deteriorating, he was rushed back to the White Mountains for the proper treatment - spider bite! Fargo and his parents are so, so grateful for everyone's help at Pet Allies for saving Fargo's life, not once, but twice.

Thank you Pet Allies!

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