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Assistance for Free Roaming Cats

Pet Allies Assistance for Free Roaming Cats

What is a Feral Cat and why Spay and Neuter?

http://indyferal.org/index.php?page=FAQ#Q1 (Indy Cat)

Please be aware that Pet Allies does offer spay/neuter assistance for feral and free roaming cats. If you can afford it, our subsidized fee is $15. To get an appointment for fixing your feral or free roaming cats, please go to our thrift store, the Barkin' Basement, 1479 E White Mountain Blvd, Pinetop, 10-4- Monday through Saturday. You must prepay for your appointments.

We also have traps that can be loaned out for trapping cats and returning them to your colony. There is a deposit of $25 for the trap which is fully refundable. There is no rental fee, however, you must sign a caregiver agreement stating that you will provide TNR and not harm any animals that are trapped. Click here to read our Caregiver Agreement.

How do I catch cats I can't touch?


Please watch this You Tube Video for information on why it is important to help free roaming and feral cats.


Can Pet Allies Help with Street Kittens?

I'm sorry that at this time the huge numbers of kittens makes it unlikely that we will be able to assist with street kittens. For more detailed information on placing kittens,
Click Here http://www.alleycat.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=289

Problems with Free Roaming Cats (category)

Nuisance Prevention for Free Roaming and Feral Cats. (Indy Feral)

Would you like more information on free roaming and feral cats? Have other questions which haven't been answered?

Please go to these websites, dedicated to feral cats:

Alley Cat Allies
Indy Ferals
AZ Cats
Wild About Cats

If you have questions that have not been answered by visiting these sites, please send an e-mail to fostering@petalliesaz.org. The quickest way to receive a response is by e-mail, but you mail also leave a message on our voice mail system at 928-532-1602.


Feral Cat Program

Click here for the Feral Caretaker Agreement in PDF format

Caregiver Information

Feral Cat(s) Information

Colony Information

Caregiver Agreement

I understand that as part of my participation in Pet Allies’ Race To Reduce Litters Program, I agree that my deposit of $25.00 per trap shall be held by Pet Allies and refunded to me upon return of the trap(s) in good working order within 14 days from the date of this agreement. Failure to return the trap(s) during this period will result in forfeiture of my deposit.

I am responsible for the cost of any unreturned traps ($50 each), plus any costs incurred in collection of the traps and attorney’s fees if necessary to secure their return or replacement. I will only trap feral cats for sterilization purposes, or for other required veterinary attention. I will not use the trap(s) to capture any cat with a home; to capture a healthy animal to be euthanized or turned over the animal control; for any unlawful purpose; or to capture any cat for research/testing purposes for profit or otherwise.

I will immediately release any wildlife trapped in the area in which it was trapped.

I am responsible for ensuring that the cats I trap are kept safe from weather, people, and other animals while in the trap; and that they receive food, water, and necessary care while caged and after release.

All feral cats accepted into Pet Allies’ Race to Reduce Litters Program receive a spay or neuter and mandatory ear tipping. These services are to be provided by a Pet Allies’ participating veterinarian once an authentic Pet Allies authorization is faxed to the veterinarian. Any and all other services required by the vet or requested by me will be my responsibility, including, but not limited to, flea treatments, ear mite treatments, vaccinations, testing, and boarding.

In some cases it may be necessary to euthanize cats and/or kittens who physical conditions may prevent them from being able to have a quality life and that this decision will be made by Pet Allies in conjunction with their participating veterinarians. I further agreement that I will not hold Pet Allies or the participating veterinarian(s) liable or responsible for this decision or their actions.

Please remember that all of Pet Allies participating veterinarians have active, for-profit practices, and generously give of their time based upon their commitment to ending the problem of pet over-population. They deserve respect and courtesy as they do their best to adjust their regular schedules to accommodate trapped ferals.

You can become part of this exciting, ever-growing program! You"ll learn the "ins and outs" of our low cost spay/neuter program for feral cats, how to use and loan out traps, and where support and assistance is available to the general public. NO EXPERIEINCE IS NECESSARY! Controlling the feral population is the answer to pet overpopulation – and this is your chance to be part of this effort! You can help us educate the public, work one on one with feral caregivers, and help us spread the word about the benefits of feral cat care and management. Help represent Team Feral! We need you! The cats need you! For more information, go to www.petalliesaz.org, or call 928-532-1602.

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